Gunwalloe Cove

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Wedged between Dollar Cove and Poldhu is Gunwalloe Cove (sometimes called Church Cove). As you approach the beach you’ll notice the small chapel and bell tower tucked in underneath the grassy headland down adjacent to the sand. A great spot to swim and surf during the summer months, although on stormier days a powerful beach break can develop at high tide, with wave crashing into dry sand. Plenty of rockpools and enticing crooks and crevices around the periphery of the cove will keep any avid climber come expoerer busy. The grassy headlands guarding the cove make a great sunset watching spot.


A National Trust car park can be found 2 minutes from the beach. Alternatively, park up on the southern headland next to Poldhu and take the stretch of coastal path down to the beach.

Sat Nav Postcode: TR12 7QE

Lat/Lon: 50.037806, -5.267515

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